Does My Homestead Exemption Automatically Renew? Does My Homestead Exemption Automatically Renew?

Often, the question is asked, "Does my homestead exemption automatically renew?"

The answer is that after your initial application for Homestead Exemption has been made and the exemption approved by our office, it automatically renews each year unless there is a change of ownership or eligible use of the property. Each January, our office mails a Homestead Exemption Renewal Receipt and Change Order to all Homesteaded properties. This document allows property owners to verify that the status, use, and ownership of the property has not changed. Florida law requires the property owner to notify the Property Appraiser of any change of property use or ownership status.

If there are NO changes to the use and/or ownership of the property, simply keep the Receipt verifying you were automatically renewed for another year. However, if there are changes, please mark the Change Order accordingly and return it to our office. Here is the link to the sample 2019 Homestead Exemption Renewal Receipt and Change Order:

If you are the surviving spouse of a homesteaded property owner or otherwise believe you are entitled to an exemption for which you have not filed, you must file your own Homestead Exemption application to receive the benefit. If you have any questions relating to the Receipt and Change Order, or the death of an owner, or need any assistance in filing for Homestead or other tax-saving exemptions, please visit our website at or contact our Customer Service Department at 954-357-6830.

There many are other tax-saving exemptions available to qualified individuals. You can view a complete list of exemptions and eligibility requirements on our website at

Low-income Senior Exemption

The Low-Income Senior Exemption does not automatically renew. Since this is an income based exemption, it must be renewed each year. If you benefitted from the Senior Exemption in 2018, our office will mail you your Senior Exemption renewal postcard in February. If you meet the income threshold on the renewal card, simply sign the card and return it to our office in order to renew your Senior Exemption for 2019.

If you are aged 65 years or older as of January 1, 2019 and would like information on this important exemption, please visit our website at:

For additional questions and/or more information, please contact Marty Kiar, Broward County Property Appraiser at (954)357-6904 or by email at

Publication Credit: Marty Kiar, Broward County Appraiser

Peter Barkin and Mark Gilman
Sunday, August 18, 2019

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